Announcements – 4 July 2010

Discipleship Training
We are thankful for the many people who came for the Friday Night Discipleship Training. May the Lord use this training to prepare and fire Ambassador for the expansion of His Kingdom in Singapore. We will still be having it this coming Friday. Do come and use this opportunity to be in the Lord’s work of bringing souls into the kingdom of GOD.

Follow-Up Team
We are planning by God’s grace to have a follow up team. The primary purpose of this team is to call up prospects, send invitation and visit if necessary so that we can follow up on the people that have visited our church. Do pray seriously for the concept of this team and do pray that GOD will raise up a team which will do the work for the Lord. We will need a team of different nationalities as we are seeking to reach the different sectors for the Lord i.e: English, Chinese, Filipino. There is a sign-up sheet that will be placed at the notice board. Kindly write your names down by the weekend 04th July 2010 so that we can call for meeting and make arrangements for the sessions.

Ambassador Baptist Church 1st Anniversary Celebration
We thank the Lord for the first year since our independence last year and God’s blessings on us thus far. We want to honour the Lord for His grace towards us.
Date: 18th July 2010
Time: 9.30am – 12noon
There will be lunch thereafter.


In the morning before the Sunday Bible Hour, there will be prayer from 8.40am to 9.15am. Those who are early, do join us as we implore the Lord’s power on the meetings. Let us pray together that GOD’s will may be done.

Friday Night Bible Training and Intercession
GDO has arranged for Pastor Chantha to be with us to teach us a tried and tested discipleship programme. Do come and learn and then commit ourselves to be the servant of the Lord to win and disciple people for Christ.
Time: 8pm
Venue: Church

Sunday Bible Hour
Do come early to learn the word of God together. We will be studying the book of 1 Peter together
Time: 9.30am

Tracting and Visitation
Do pray earnestly for the printing of the tracts. We are eager to begin outreach every Tuesday and Wednesday Night again. We are thinking and praying earnestly also to begin an outreach on Saturdays. Do pray for the Lord’s leading in this matter.

Meeting After Service
There will be a quick ten minute meeting after the service for all members. Do kindly stay back for a short while.

We thank the Lord that the tracts are here already, and we will be planning our outreach and tracting times. Do take the tracts and pass them to the lost.

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