Announcements – 17 October 2010

We will be having our first Missions conference in Ambassador Baptist Church as we are resolutely wanting to obey the Lord in all aspects of the Great Commission. Do note the dates and pray as we prepare for the conference.

Date: Today, during Sunday Bible Hour
Filmshow – Peace Child
Sunday’s Service is as usual

There will be lunch after the service and there will be another filmshow on the life of William Carey – First Baptist Missionary to India
Time: 1.30 pm to 3 pm

Date: 24th October 2010
Sunday Bible Hour and Sunday Service will be taken by Missionary Jason Sumatra
We are also prayerfully going to support at least two missionaries this time.

Mission Support
We are proposing the supporting of two missionaries :

  • Pastor Jason Sumatra : missionary to Thailand
  • Pastor Soh Chee Hua : missionary to China

We will be voting on their support on the 31st October 2010. Kindly pray and we will make a decision on that day.

There will be a ladies’ fellowship coming up. Please note the details:

  • Date: 30th October 2010
  • Time: 4 pm to 6 pm
  • Venue: Church premises

Special Speaker: Mrs Pricilla Sumatra (wife of Missionary Pastor Jason Sumatra)
Make plans to come for a special blessing.

Do be praying for the VBS this year as the children’s ministry team are praying and planning about the direction and the outreach effort the year end. We
will need workers for the VBS. Those who would like to serve the Lord in this capacity, take note of the information:

  • Date: 20 – 21 Nov 2010
  • Venue: Church premises / Sembawang Park
  • Theme : the Christian Athlete

The church camp is confirmed on the 7th to 11th December 2010.
Do be in prayer for the place and also make arrangements to attend the camp. It will be a wonderful time of fellowship, fun and faith. Kindly put your name on the list by the end of the month so that we can make arrangements for the groupings, and the preparation for the church camp.

Date: 18th October 2010
Time: 7.45 pm

For those who have access to the internet, there is a icon specially created for this prayer request item. Should you have a prayer request that you would like the church to pray for, kindly click on the prayer request icon and fill in the form. Your prayer request will then be placed on the prayer list for the church to be in prayer for each other and specifically your needs. Our website address is at the back of this bulletin.


Bible study will resume this Friday . Please note .
We will be studying through the book of Psalms.
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Church

Matt 4:19 And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. That was what Jesus told Peter on the shores of Galilee, and that is what He is saying to every believer today. We need to be fishers of man for the Lord’s sake and for the souls of man.

We will be back to our usual outreaches and tracting ad soulwinning. Kindly note .
Block : 508B, 508C
Time: 8.15 pm
Person in charge – bro. Robert. Those who are able to go, kindly inform bro. Robert.

Block: 751 / 752 (behind Yishun MRT station)
Time: 8.15 pm
Person in charge – Pastor Johnny. Those who are able to go, kindly inform Pastor.

Let us be faithful to the Lord.

Time: 9.30 am
Venue: At church
We will be studying through the book of Acts and we are praying for more teens to come. If there are some teens or people whom you know will benefit from this club, do invite them.

There will be a games outing on the 23rd October 2010.

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