Announcements – 1 August 2010

The Vision
God has given us a great Vision – to win the North for Christ. And a great Mission – a thousand souls for Christ in five years! We want GOD to use us, but we must catch the Vision! There will be plans made and activities conducted in view of the vision and mission GOD has give us. Let us be involved for the glory of GOD! And the salvation of souls!

Theme for August 2010
“Bring them in”
In practice of what we have learnt over the month in July (re: discipleship and reaching out), we will be embarking on a six week goal of bringing souls to the Lord’s house. Be aiming to bring at least one individual every week to church, praying sincerely that GOD will work in their hearts to save their souls. Be prayerful also that GOD will use you to disciple them for the glory of GOD.

Faith Bible Institute
We will be commencing our FBI soon.
Tentatively start date: 16th August 2010
Time: 7:45pm
Those who would like to join the FBI can still do so. Be prayerful and prepared to come and learn the word of GOD.

Prayer Retreat “Expect great things from GOD; Attempt great things for GOD” Jer 33:3
We will be having our annual prayer retreat in September 2010. We need to pray together earnestly for the power of God upon the ministry at Ambassador and our own families and lives.
Kindly note the details:
Date: 9th to 11th September 2010 8th to 10th September 2010, take note.
Venue: PA Bungalow 120 Pasir Ris Road (beside the Pasir Ris Park)


Tracting and Visitation
“Fishers of man” Hour
Matthew 4:19 And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. That was what Jesus told Peter on the shores of Galilee, and that is what He is saying to every believer today. We need to be fishers of man for the Lord’s sake and for the souls of man.

We have our soul winning programme every Tuesday and Wednesday nights.
Time: 8.15pm
We need to go out winning souls to the Lord, kindly approach bro. Robert so that he can instruct you to what you need to do.

Yishun Block 157
Time: 8.15pm
Those who can come, kindly approach Pastor.

Friday Night “Rivers in a Dry Place”
The name has been changed but the aim is the same: to be a source of strength as we come together to encourage one another in the faith and to gain strength from the Lord. A time of the word and a time of prayer.
We will complete our series in Psalm 23. Invite friends who are weary in this world of sin, that they may come and find strength in Christ!
Time: 8pm
Venue: Church

Teens Club
Time: 10.30 am
Venue: at church
We are studying through the book of Mark currently and we are praying for more teens to come. If there are some teens or people whom you know will benefit from this club, do invite them.

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