Announcements – 09 May 2010

Blessed Mothers’ Day
Today is Mothers’ Day!! A very blessed Mothers’ day to every mother and may the Lord enrich you with His blessings and love today. There will be a special lunch after the service today, so do stay back for lunch.

Theme for the Month of May 2010
“Moving On: God in the battles of our lives”
We have many battles in our lives and many times believers forget that God is with us in the battles, He is Jehovah Saboath, the Lord of Hosts. We will be studying famous battles in the Bible and find out how GOD wants us to move on. Do bring friends and may the Lord use His Word to free many to move on for Him.

In the morning before the Sunday Bible Hour, there will be prayer from 8:40am to 9:15am. Those who are early, do join us in as we implore the Lord’s power on the meetings. Let us pray together that God’s Will may be done.

Friday Night Bible Training and Intercession
Time: 8:00pm, Venue: Church
God has been blessing our learning together as we hear how gracious Creator God descends to us, to be our Shepherd. Meditations in the Shepherd’s Psalm – a twelve week lesson on how the Lord cares for us and how we are to respond. Some of the titles of the various lessons are as follows” Are you a Cast Sheep? | Creatures of Habit | I feel so alone | The Rod and the Staff | The Prepared Table | The Anointing… Against the flies | My! Goodness and Mercy | With Him… Forever

We need to spend time to pray as a church as well. Let us come and pray together.

Teens Club

Time: 10:30am, Venue: Church
The teens are memorizing and reading the book of Mark for the next few months. Do come and invite friends as well. Let us pray for the Lord to expand this ministry and to win many other teens and youths to Christ.

Sunday Bible Hour
We will be starting a new series of bible lessons. Do come early to learn the Word of God together. We will be studying the book of 1 Peter together.

Basic Foundation of Christianity Classes (BFCC Module 1) (Instructor: Bro. Desmond Lim)
The Christians in the Bible continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrines. It is hard to continue in the apostle’s doctrines unless you know what they are. Thses modules are made of a comprehensive overview of the doctrines which are most surely believed among us. The following are the course outline:

Salvation | Eternal Word of GOD | Prayer | Daily Walk | Jesus Christ | GOD | Holy Spirit | Church – Part 1 | Church – Part 2 (Baptism/Lord’s Supper) | Review Week

New Place for Worship
We have been looking for a new place to move to and we need the Lord’s help. Do continue to pray.
Do note also that in view of the move to the new place, the church will be divided into work teams to get things organized. The following people are in charge of the following areas. Kindly cooperate as you are approached to help.

Vacation Bible School
There will be the Vacation Bible School in June 2010.
Do pray as we prepare for the VBS
Venue: Sembawang Secondary School
Dates: 10 – 12 June 2010
Theme: Seeing Myself in the Parables of Jesus
Do pray earnestly for many children to come and also for the Lord to increase our children’s ministry.

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