What are we to seek in this life?

Mt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you

There was much concern for the daily needs, of food and clothing. The basic necessities of life was scarce and insufficient for the many Jewish fathers. Yet the key to provision of these needs was not only to work but also to trust. Faith in the Lord is more important than effort in the flesh. The Lord Jesus provided a key for those who worry about the daily needs of life and are distracted by the cares of this world. He encourages us first to:

Seek God’s Kingdom first: Seek ye first the kingdom of GOD. To seek first the kingdom of GOD is to thoroughly interested in all that pertains to the honour and glory of God, The Lord Jesus tells us to let our primary concern and seeking after in this world be about the Kingdom of GOD, about our personal salvation and after that , and how to promote the kingdom of God in the world; to bring our hearts into subjection to the will of God, that the kingdom of God may be within you, and how to bring others to the obedience of faith and of the will of God. It is how to grow others in the Lord, how to support the work of the Lord, how to ensure God’s kingdom move forward. God’s will is for us to seek His Kingdom first. Every believer is to seek GOD above all. Why? Because this world is not our home, we’ll just passing through. Our meat in this world is to do the will of GOD, and to complete it.

And His righteousness: Seeking God’s righteousness implies that in every situation, every decision, every action, we seek His counsel and His principles. Our actions are based primarily and finally on His Word. Seeking His righteousness means to act consistently and principally based on His word and His counsel. Our lives will be upright when we seek this. To seek His righteousness, is to read God’s word of righteousness and to know His will in each area of our lives, and then to decide that His will is the best and His righteousness is primary. God’s word on each situation will stand: it therefore should lead us to want to conform to His will and His way.

When we have done this, the Lord Jesus tells us that ALL these things shall be added to us: the daily needs that we care so much about, GOD will provide for us. GOD has never failed to provide for us. All things that we ever need will be given us. There has not a thing that we need that GOD will not provide for us.

Are you concern that you will not have enough? Has not the Lord been gracious in supplying every need in every situation. Has He not been faithful in providing not only the physical needs but also the spiritual needs of our soul. Seek GOD first and His righteousness, and all these things, the things that GOD knows you need , will be added to you. This is GOD’s promise to those who will obey.

Evangelist – Pastor Johnny Tan
Ambassador Baptist Church

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