The Servant

“…the servant of the Lord…”

2 Timothy 2:24

There are many Christians today who do the work of the Lord. Many claim to serve GOD in different capacities out of their freewill. It is vital to note, however, that there is a fundamental difference doing something for God and being a servant of God.

Notice three traits of a servant from the verse phrase ..

The servant of GOD is a specific person:

The servant of the Lord is not merely a nameless face or individual. GOD identifies the person He chooses and whom He would to serve Him. The world may despise such a man and look down on such a person. However, if the Lord could choose the fishermen of Galilee, the shepherd boy in Tekoa, Amos and many of the other people in the Bible, He can choose you and me. This world may never heap accolades for his work with the down and trodden but God says that there is nothing that we do for Him that will ever be forgotten

The servant of the Lord belongs to GOD

The servant is a possession belonging to the King of Kings. We are bought with a price. We belong to God: our hands, talents, abilites, health and body belong to God. Therefore, it is vital and imperative that we follow Him. Many Christian do not know that they belong to GOD in their emotions, their body, thoughts, relationships and even their purses and wallets. We do not belong to ourselves, we belong to GOD. Our eyes are to read His words, our hands are to do His will, our feet are to go where He leads us, and our body are to be kept pure for Him.

The servant of the Lord is not a volunteer:

A volunteer is at will to leave as and when he pleases. A servant has a lifelong attachment to the master and a permanent desire to serve. There are many volunteers in God’s service but, sadly, not many servants. Many have forsaken their places of service when life got tough and the way inconvenient and uncomfortable. A servant will stick to his task no matter the loss, pain or consequences.

A true servant of Jesus has no will of his own except to know what the Master wants them to do. More churches will be built, more souls saved, more lives changed and more works done for the glory of God when we become His servants, for this is our reasonable service to Him.

Whose servant are you today?

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