The past… The present… 2011…

Philippians 3:13 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,

There is a great ambition in the heart of Paul and that is to be ALL HE CAN FOR JESUS! He knew that GOD has given Him a mission and He wants to keep on improving that for GOD. His knowledge and His experience of Christ and His power, love and strength was abundant, but Paul wanted to know more of this limitless Saviour, Paul wanted to experience more of GOD’s power and strength.

The Lord Jesus is our Saviour too: He has great Power, and Grace for us as well. Yet, many do not experience GOd as much as the apostle. What made the apostle Paul the Christian that glorified GOD and encouraged Christians?

  1. He had a desire : I do not count myself to have apprehend. Paul’s desire was to have ALL OF CHRIST … He did not consider himself to be perfect or mature enough in the Lord. But he has a desire to be more mature, closer to GOd, more zealous for his Master and more loving towards saints. He wanted to be more prayerful and more surrendered to God’s will.
  2. He made a decision: THIS ONE THING I DO … that is the phrase of decision. He was focused and he has already decided. Decisions for the Lord leads to growth. No decisions to do things for God stunts growth. The key to growth is: when God gives an impression, we make a decision , no matter how small. No matter how insignificant but we decide to do that for the Lord, we will grow.
  3. He was determined: Forgetting… reaching… I press on.. action words that mark the determination of Paul. He is forgetting (neglecting ) his past, his failures, his successes, his victories and his defeats. He is forgetting the things that discourage him, and the times of comfort. He is reaching forward to the next plan of GOD, next step for GOD, next person to win, next round to run.. He was pressing on, exerting his energies, his strength, his effort, his power to win the Lord and to complete His will.

What is your desire for 2011? As you reflect on 2010, was there growth? In your spiritual life? More love for GOd? More delight in prayer? More time in GOd’s word? More heart for His work and His people? More zeal for His church? More willingness to give to His ministry? In time, in resources, in energies? We will have other goals, our academic goals, our career goals, our family goals, our personal goals, but what of our spiritual goals?

May Ambassador Baptist Church grow for the glory of GOD, in 2011!
Blessed New Year!!

Evangelist – Pastor Johnny Tan
Ambassador Baptist Church

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