The Need for the Work of God

John 9:4 I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.

The second coming of the Lord Jesus to earth is imminent, and therefore the work of the Lord is all the more urgent. Yet, in these last days, there are less workers for the Lord, less urgency and more apathy to the ministry that the Lord has called to. We need, in this 21st century, to hear the words of the Lord Jesus: I MUST WORK THE WORKS OF HIM… What do we learn from these eternal words of Lord Jesus about doing GOD’s work?

We need a surrendered heart
I MUST. The word MUST represent a sense of necessity. The Lord Jesus bound himself to the will of GOD and the work of GOD. Nothing else was more important to Him, because that was His Father’s will, His Father’s Commission to him when He (the Father) sent Him (the Son) to earth. We must have a heart surrendered to the Father’s will as we do His work. The soldiers who went to Normandy to invade Hitler’s Nazi Europe were prepared that they were never coming back. They bound themselves to the task of freeing Europe from Hitler: many died doing that.

We need serving hands
I MUST WORK THE WORKS… The ministry and work of God is never theoretical: it is practical. It requires people to do the work. Lives are never changed by talk and desire alone but through active intervening and help, through concerted effort and work. An unsaved person needs to know the gospel but someone has to GO and tell him. A backslider needs to come back to the Lord, but someone has to go and reach out to him. God can work in the heart but God needs His children to be involved in bringing the people with hurting hearts to Him. We need to surrender and also to serve actively…

We need a single mind
The Lord Jesus has only one allegiance: to the ONE WHO SENT HIM. This is an important truth. We may have many earthly bosses but we only have ONE MASTER. And our effort, heart and work must be focus on bringing glory to Him and our energies must be spent on doing His work. The whole duty of man is to keep GOD’s commandments and to do His will. All that we do must aim at His glory and our hearts must be loyal to Him. A divided heart will never do much for the Lord.

The Lord Jesus has given us His work before He left 2000 years ago. Are we heavily, intensely involved in His works? We need to be because He is our Master and Lord. May we all realise that our need to be faithful to Him, but more than anything: to be loyal to Christ first and foremost.

Lord, I will make You first in my heart. And I will serve you first in with my hands! Strengthen me to do so. In Jesus name.

Evangelist-Pastor Johnny Tan
Ambassador Baptist Church

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