The Law of the Lord is Perfect

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Psalm 19:7 The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul

The word “soul” is an interesting word. It may be used to refer to a person. It is interesting, though, that “person” in the Hebrew word refers to breathing passively. In this word, we see that our physical existence is sustained by the Lord Himself and our physical life is in His hand. We need to realize that we are dependent on God for our everyday life. We are a living soul because of the breath of God, allowing us to breathe the very next second.
The soul, however, was without the life of God. Only the physical life was sustained by God. The spiritual life was sustained by self and sin and therefore needed to be converted. The word
“converted” means “to turn back.” We were all born in sin and were unable to turn to God unless He showed us the way. How was that to be done? By the law of the Lord, which is perfect! How does this perfection help a sinner turn back to God? Through the written Word of God. Why is the Word of God able to turn the sinner back to Himself?

The word “perfect” speaks of integrity.
The Word of God has perfect integrity. It does not attempt to conceal the truth, neither does it speak falsely against another. A sinner wanting to change his life must change and go towards the direction of integrity. He once was without integrity but the word of God, when listened to and obeyed, will generate integrity in the person’s heart and life.

The word “perfect” speaks of a state without blemish.
The word of God carries with it the forgiveness of sins and the directions for us to obtain that forgiveness. The forgiveness for sin is still given freely to whosoever who will ask. The gospel of the Lord Jesus opens that opportunity for another to come and be free from their sin by the shed blood of the Lord Jesus. It can convert the soul because salvation is only found in the blood of Christ when we truly place our faith in Him and His finished work and nothing else.

The word “perfect” speaks also of sincerity.
A sinner coming to Christ must have a changed heart, touched by the word of God and convicted by the moving of the Holy Spirit Who moves in His people according to His will. There must be repentance on the part of the individual who is receiving the gospel presentation and have responded favourably. Many hear God’s word and consent that it is true, but few will embrace the gospel and say it is theirs!

God’s word brings life to those who are blind and gives strength to cope with the everyday issues of life. We need the word of life, that we may be people with integrity, without blemish and with sincerity. May we stay in the Word of God till the day we see the Word of Life, that we may be converted from sinner to saint, and from a saint to be like our Saviour!

Evangelist-Pastor Johnny Tan
Ambassador Baptist Church

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