Praying in the Holy Ghost

Image © 2011, Timothy Lee. Used with permission

Jude 1:20 …praying in the Holy Ghost…

Praying is asking; praying is spiritual work. It requires spiritual help and it requires spiritual strength. The natural man does not want to pray; the natural man hates praying. The flesh goes to sleep when this spiritual exercise is practiced. But the spiritual man prays; he loves to pray because he loves the Saviour. He knows that the only way to communicate with the One he loves is by praying.

But what is praying in the Holy Ghost? Why do we pray in the Holy Ghost and what is the effect of praying in the Holy Ghost?

What is praying in the Holy Ghost? It is praying with the leading of the Holy Ghost. This refers to prayers uttered with the help of the Holy Ghost. This is opposed to mechanical, rote and sleepy prayers made in the flesh. Prayers in the Holy Ghost indicate a submissive heart, a spiritual mind and an obedient life. The words coming out of such a life reflect a heart controlled by God and willing to do all that God says.

Why do we pray in the Holy Ghost? The Bible teaches us that the Holy Ghost knows the will of the Father and vice versa. The Holy Ghost, in a sense, connects us with God. He knows the will of the Father and therefore, prays in line with His will and we know that when we pray according to Godʼs will, He hears us.

What is the effect of praying in the Holy Ghost? He hears us, He answers our prayer for grace, mercy and strength. He leads us in the way we should be going and protects us from the wrong and evil way. We become strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. We become confident in our weaknesses and in our trials. We grow despite the odds and overcome despite our lack. We receive answers to our prayers despite our weak faith.

“Dear Heavenly Father, I come in submission to you. Your will is more important to me than my desires and wants. Your kingdom is more of a priority to me than my ambitions. I live to do your will, I exist for your honour, and my possessions are not mine own but yours.

Father, I pray that You will show me your will, and that You will empower me to walk in your will and obey you. Lord, you know my needs. I pray for my mum, dad, brothers and sisters and loved ones to be saved. I know it is Your will that none perish and therefore, I know that You will answer this prayer. Change me according to Your plan. I look forward to Your answer. For your honour and glory I pray this in Jesusʼ name, Amen”

Evangelist-Pastor Johnny Tan
Ambassador Baptist Church

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