Our Saviour made a statement of fact: offences will come, and he highlighted that offences
come not because of situations, or things, but through people (woe unto him, through whom
they come). The Saviour then taught that it is better for the person be drowned in the sea than
to allow the offence to come through him, a warning that we should take care and beware and
to take all precautions against hurting a brother or a sister and sinning against them.
Yet, as it is impossible that it should come, our Heavenly Father has appointed a way to make
right these offences, for every sin must be made right. How then do we right the wrongs in our
lives and others.

1. Make sure that offence is not provoked: if thy brother trespass against you …. Notice the
initiator: Thy brother. We are to ensure that on our part there is nothing sinful nor offensive
that has provoked the offence to happen. A stern look, an unkind word, a general insult,
or an insensitive action, all can bring about an offence unasked for and unsolicited. Check
ourselves: take heed to yourselves.

2. When offended, rebuke the brother. The word rebuke means to express a sharp
disapproval for the fault or the offence. The bible gives the rules for such a rebuke:
go to the brother and tell him privately (Matt 18:15). The rebuke is not to be a public display
but a private discourse between the brothers.
we are not to hide the offence but to tell the brother sharply that the action has offended
us. How many times, we hide the issue in our hearts and nurture the offence, till it becomes
hatred and it becomes hardened in our hearts.
we are to do it in love for the bible teach us to speak the truth in love.
we are to do in humility Gal 6:1

3. When the brother repents, changes his mind about the offence that he is wrong, forgive
. GOD ways is ALWAYS to receive the brother, NOT revenge yourself for the wrong done.
Forgiveness is always GOD’s way for reconciliation. Many people are apart for years because
they insist upon justice for the minute. We need to forgive when the brother repents and when
he turns.

What if he does not repent, and what if he does not ask for forgiveness? GOD still insists as
our Heavenly Father, and our Counselor, to forgive and take the wrong: Christian – this IS the
will of GOD. By doing so, we express clearly to this world, that we live by Heavenly principles
and not earthly ways.

Have you been offended? Have you in love, humility, privately told the offender? If the
offender repents, have you forgiven him? Are we offensive? Then we need to repent. Lord,
grant that Thy children learn the principles of love and forgiveness, and to learn them from
YOU, who forgave ALL our sins and ALL our iniquities and have reconciled ourselves back to

Christian: be ye reconciled to GOD, … but that involved being reconciled one to another as
well …

Evangelist – Pastor Johnny Tan
Ambassador Baptist Church

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