Let Us Sow in Tears

Image © 2011, Jamsari Ahmad. Used with permission

Psalms 126:5 They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.

Psalm 126 highlights two groups of people: one rejoicing because the Lord has intervened to allow them to return home to their homeland after their captivity, and the other, still in captivity, looking to the Lord for His help. God is ever-ready to assist us in our trials. Has He not said that He is our Helper in times of need? He is our strong refuge and high tower? God stands ever ready to bless us even in our needs and trials.

How do we receive the Lordʼs blessings? In this passage that follows, we learn that

We need to sow
Sowing in ancient Israel represented the agricultural work of the country, the scattering of the seed to facilitate growth in the fields. Spiritually, it is putting in the seeds of growth for our lives. Areas of growth and sowing include the reading of Godʼs Word for spiritual growth; the practice of love and patience to facilitate anotherʼs growth, the stand of holiness in separation and living for God, the breaking down of pride and sowing of humility. Spiritual sowing requires the confession of sins and reconciliation between Christians, it requires what the Lord requires of us.

Sowing involves effort
Every farmer understands sowing seeds requires energy and effort. The plot of land is big and the effort required is tremendous. Dealing with sin requires effort, humility requires effort, to surrender requires effort on our part.

Sowing must be done from the heart
When we put in the effort and the right ingredients for growth, it may bring tears. When encouragement and counsel is rejected and when good deeds to help another is refused, there will be tears of sadness because they have rejected the word of the Lord in their lives and the Lord will not see fit to bless them. The ministry brings with it pain and tears. If the Lord Jesus wept in John 11, (not for Himself, but for the crowd), should not we also go through the same for one another? We sow in tears for loved ones and non-believers who reject the Word of God and are destined for eternal punishment. Are there tears for them, or are tears only for yourselves?

Sowers have a promise
They shall reap in joy. God promises a harvest when we have sown with strength, sown from the heart and sown the right seeds. We need to realise that we will reap if we faint not. God promises to sustain us, but we must depend on Him. When we give, we will receive; when we surrender, we gain victory.

Christians, do you believe the Word of the Lord in that sometimes, in living life for Him, there will be things done for Him in tears and pain? Remember you will reap in joy if you have sown in tears. Little outcomes comes from little sowing! Much will come when we sow much. May we sow in tears by sowing the word for the salvation of our loved ones, sowing prayers for church growth and sowing kindness and helpfulness that it might bring someone to Christ. They that sow in tears shall reap in joy – that is a promise from God!

Evangelist-Pastor Johnny Tan
Ambassador Baptist Church

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