Learning and Growing

Mt 11:29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

Many Christians aim for growth, yet they do not grow. They desire it, and yearn for it and yet there is no result. Is it possible that we are doing it the wrong way? The Lord Jesus tells us that in order to grow, we are come to Him. Coming to Christ is the first step, just as enrolling in a school to learn is a first step. However, after you have enrolled, there are
some principles and modules we are go through, and complete in order to learn. What are we to note in our growing process in Christ?

There is no genuine growth outside of the life of Jesus Christ: Our Saviour says to learn of Me. We can learn about Christ, but Jesus says we must learn from HIM Himself. Learn of Me. In JOhn 15, our Lord tells us that we must abide in the Vine (the Lord JEsus) as the branches (christians) need His life to flow through us in order to grow and to
grow healthily! Growth comes when we apply the word of GOD to our lives as the Lord teaches us daily. When we desire for Him to live His life in us, and allow Him to control our thoughts and actions, we grow in Christ!!

Genuine growth comes with obedience: Take my yoke … the yoke here symbolises our obedience to Christ. The yoke here has two parts and must be driven by two bulls, or two animals. Notice that the yoke is Christ’s yoke: He takes one part! He expects us to take the other. As the yoke is driven, we are to allow HIM to lead and we are to follow His lead.
How difficult it is to teach when someone does not follow? How difficult is it for us to grow when we do not obey and follow what the Lord tells us to do?! We need to obey in order to grow!

Genuine growth and learning begins with humility … We are to learn of Christ because He is meek and lowly. Our Saviour admonishes us to learn from Him this trait of humility, lowliness in heart and meekness, for it is the beginning of learning from GOD. Obedience comes when we are willing to submit to Christ and His leadership, when we are willing to be led by His example and word, and when we are wiling to do exactly as He says. Pride is resisted by God and our learning is hindered when we do not learn to be meek and lowly. In the end, our growth is slowed down, and stopped.

Are you growing and learning? Do you realise that Christ is the source of our growth? Christian, abide in our Saviour, through bible study and prayer and obedience to His word, with humility. Then we will have genuine growth in Christ.

Evangelist – Pastor Johnny Tan
Ambassador Baptist Church

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