Helping Someone to the Saviour

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Acts 8: 30-31 And Philip … said, Understandest thou what thou readest? And he said, How can I, except some man should guide me?

There are many people without the light of the gospel in Singapore. Many more in the clutches of sin, and many still in the clutches of religion that will bind their souls to false beliefs and tradition, till the day they pass from this world into the next. They will find that Biblical Christianity has the word of truth that leads to eternal life. Until then, they continue merrily along life’s way without knowing the ends therefore are the ways of death. At our weekly outreach efforts, we find many who have never had a clear presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Others still, in the years that they have lived, have never even heard the name of Christ, let alone that the Lord Jesus died to pay for their sins and rose again. This is a glorious truth to us, but unheard of by many who will die and go to a devil’s hell.

Dear believer, is that nothing to you? Philip was informed by the Holy Spirit to go and join himself to a lost man. The Ethiopian Eunuch was asked if he understood the words of the Bible. His reply was “How can I except that some man should guide me?”

Learn three truths from this simple question:

There are earnest people who are seeking the answers to life’s questions.
The eunuch was reading the Bible. He was reading not only with interest, but also earnestly wanting to find out answers, for he asked Philip

“…, I pray thee, of whom speaketh the prophet this? of himself, or of some other man?”
Acts 8:34

Because of their earnestness in seeking the truth, they are willing to listen, their hearts have been made ready by the Lord to receive the word.

They can never understand the truth of God’s word unless someone guides them.
The natural man does not welcome the word of God, and therefore has no interest in trying to understand it. Therefore, it is necessary for someone who loves the truth and the Saviour to be their guide to understanding the Bible. Like the reading of a new book or pursuit of a new course of study, details may be unclear to students unless someone takes the trouble to help them understand. The devil works hard to prevent the children of God from understanding the Bible. We must do all we can to encourage it.

These people will be lost forever, if they fail to understand the words of the Living God.
Many who do not understand the word of God, later reject it altogether, to their eternal shame and damnation. Yet, if someone would make the effort to help them, they, by the grace of God, will see the truth of God’s word and be saved. Philip was used by the Lord to guide the Ethiopian Eunuch to the Saviour, and church tradition states that the Ethiopian Eunuch then went back to his country and started an outreach to the lost in his country.

Consider this conversation between missionary Hudson Taylor, and a local Chinese man who was saved under his preaching.

He it was who, talking with Mr. Taylor, unexpectedly raised a question, the pain of which was not easily forgotten.

“How long have you had the Glad Tidings (the gospel) in England?” he asked all unsuspectingly.

The young missionary was ashamed to tell him, and vaguely replied that it was several hundreds of years.

“What,” he exclaimed in astonishment, “several hundreds of years! Is it possible that you have known about Jesus so long, and only now have come to tell us?”

“My father sought the truth for more than twenty years,” he continued sadly, “and died without finding it. Oh, why did you not come sooner? “

“Lord Jesus, use me to help someone to the Saviour.” Let this be our prayer today.

Evangelist-Pastor Johnny Tan
Ambassador Baptist Church

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