Go Ye, I am With You Alway

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Matthew 28: 19-20 Go ye… I am with you alway

The Lord Jesus had already come and completed His redemption work at Calvary. He had a secondary objective in His life on Earth and that was to win many and adding them to the kingdom of God. His institution – the local church – is the agency through which this must be accomplished. People need to be reached; they need to repent and to be regenerated by the Holy Spirit of God by the power of the Gospel of Christ (Romans 1:16.) They need to be baptized, built up in the faith and then bring many to Christ. How are we to do this? We need to go; notice three lessons from this simple phrase.

It implies activity: the word ʻgoʼ is an action word.
It means using our legs and moving our bodies for the kingdom of God. It refers to moving from where we are to where the Lord wants us to go. As a believer, we need to have our hearts to prepared to go and serve whenever there is an opportunity. The Bible teaches us to have feet that are always ready with the preparation of the Gospel of peace (Ephesians 6:15.) This means we must always have our boots on ready to share and preach the Gospel to whoever, wherever, whenever.

It implies everyone: the word ʻyeʼ is in the plural tense.
That means every one of us. When the Lord Jesus first gave this instruction, He gave it to the representatives of the Christian church – the apostles. As they went to plant churches, the instruction was specifically given to the people in those churches and assemblies. The Bible tells us they went everywhere preaching the Gospel (Acts 8:4). All of us have the responsibility of preaching the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, no one is exempt or excused from sharing the word of God with the lost. We can do it by sharing a tract or our testimonies, inviting people to church and helping people in times of need with the focus of telling them about the Saviour. All of us have no excuse not to share the love of Christ to others because ʻgo yeʼ means ʻeveryone.ʼ

When we go, we are supported by the power, protection and provision of the Lord Jesus: I am with you alway.
No matter what the difficulty or the trial, the Lord Jesus promises that as we carry out the Great Commission, we are protected, preserved and provided for by Him. When we go through the fire, He will be there. When we are overwhelmed by the flood waters, He will be there to sustain us.

Are we active for the Lord and going on for Him? Are our shoes ever ready to do His will and tell of His goodness? Are we excusing ourselves from the task of sharing the Gospel with someone? We are all to go! Are you afraid of the task of the sharing the Gospel? Look to Christ for His power and His teaching. Follow Him, and He will make you a fisher of men. May we go!

Evangelist-Pastor Johnny Tan
Ambassador Baptist Church

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