Fathers, Who Is Your God?

Exodus 3:15 The LORD God of your fathers,

In a research paper done by the US Office on Child Abuse and Neglect entitled “The Importance of Fathers in the Healthy Development of Children”, it was found that children with fathers who were present, involved and engaged in their lives generally had higher IQs, better educational outcomes, more appropriate social behaviour, displayed more security in exploring and interacting with their surroundings, and demonstrated marked psychological stability.

God, in His infinite wisdom, had ordained that there was to be a mother and a father. The absence of a father can affect the future of a child and his development significantly.

The research paper primarily examined the influence of fathers on the academic, social and psychological development of a child. But as fathers, we need to realize that we have influence over our children for good and the glory of God. Our lives, the words we speak, what we think and how we respond will affect our children for a lifetime to come.

When Jehovah spoke to the children of Israel through Moses, the Israelites did not yet know who this “Jehovah” God was. However, God gave them assurance about His identity by giving them the assurance that He was the God of their fathers. Jehovah is the very God that stood with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; He was the Lord God of their fathers. Why was that an assurance to the Israelites?

Because these fathers had a personal relationship with Jehovah
Abraham received the call from God to move from the Ur of the Chaldees to the Promised Land. Isaac received an answer to prayer when he prayed and Rebekah conceived. Jacob was a conniver but his name was changed by Jehovah to be Israel (prince with God). Fathers, do we have a vital, living and daily relationship with the Lord Jesus or is our relationship with the Lord stagnant? If we do not have a relationship with the Lord, we cannot expect our children to develop that for themselves. We must lead.

Because these fathers received the Promises of God
The fathers of the Israelites had received promises that they will have a great nation. Abraham received it with promise that through his family line, all the nations of the earth will be blessed. Abraham had an impossible obstacle: he could not produce children anymore. Yet, Abraham believed God and was not willing to consider even his own frail body but placed his faith in God. The Jews were convinced of the faith of Abraham and the Abrahamic covenant and therefore they were assured when the name of Abraham was mentioned. Fathers, do we, with the help of the Holy Spirit, live by the Promises of God? Do you know that God gives those promises to Fathers to lead their families well? Are our children assured that if they live by the name of the Lord Jesus, they will be blessed because they saw Christ in us?

Fathers, do you have a relationship with your Heavenly Father? Do you live by the promises of God more than by the perceptions of this world? Are things of this life more important to you? Fathers, who is your God?

This is something to think about this Father’s Day. To all the fathers attending at Ambassador Baptist Church, have a blessed Father’s Day!

Evangelist-Pastor Johnny Tan
Ambassador Baptist Church


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