Assurance and Answered Prayer

Ps 66:19 …God hath heard me; he hath attended to the voice of my prayer.

David was glad when GOD heard his prayer. He was praising GOD and extolling GOD and His power in Creation. He knows the goodness of GOD and the might of the Saviour. He was able to make mention of GOD’s creative acts and mighty manifestations, but not only was David knowledgeable about GOD, David experienced GOD; HE KNEW GOD personally. Many know about GOD, but David knows God personally. Many Singaporeans know the President of Singapore, but only those who know him personally will receive an audience with him. Is it not strange that many say they are Christians, and that their God is almighty and able, but when the trials come, we act as the world does? We feel helpless and hopeless. What does GOD do for His people, in times of trial and when His children pray?

GOD hears us; David was confident-GOD hath heard me. The word “heard” means witness. He knows and is a witness to what David is going through as David prays. David knew that GOD hears him. Are there not times when we go through the crisis and we pray but we are unsure if GOD hears us? Yet, we can be sure that GOD hears us.

GOD regards our prayer: he hath attended to the voice. The phrase here means to perk up the ears and regard. The gods of wood and stone and metal merely stand motionless at the altar on which they are placed, and they can never move to serve us and work on our behalf. But our GOD is alive and well: HE cares much for us and HE will hear us and perk up His ears to the voice of our cry. Do we not cry to the Lord when we are in trials and in difficulties? GOD regards our prayer.

God receives us: in verse 20, David blesses GOD because God has not turned away David’s prayer and His mercies from David. This shows that GOD receives His children. He that cometh to God, HE will in NO WISE cast out. Those who in sincere humility and contriteness of heart, approaches GOD, God will not ignore or forsake.

Dear believer, are the trials of life tough that we cannot bear it anymore? Are the burdens so heavy that we are called to bear? Then call upon the Lord, shout to His name, because GOD hears us, we can be assured that HE will work on our behalf. Lord, teach us to pray and to trust!

Evangelist – Pastor Johnny Tan
Ambassador Baptist Church

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